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ILCCBD Constitution and Bylaws

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Adopted March 12, 1983, Revised with Membership Vote, Fall, 2009










The name of this organization shall be “The Illinois Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders” of the Council for Exceptional Children.




Section A.   To promote comprehensive delivery of quality services for children with behavioral disorders in the State of Illinois.


Section B.  To initiate and support state and federal legislation that will potentially impact upon children with behavioral disorders.


Section C.  To establish a network that allows frequent and regular communication between all professionals, parents, and private individuals involved in the education and welfare of children with behavioral disorders.


Section D.  To encourage and promote professional growth and development of all individuals concerned with education and welfare of children with behavioral disorders.


Section E.  To identify and promote research and evaluation of programmatic issues of concern in the education and welfare of children with behavioral disorders.




Section A.  All members of Illinois CCBD shall be members of the Council for Exceptional Children and the Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders.


Section B.  Membership shall consist of regular and student members.


Section C.  The Division shall maintain a minimum of 25 paid members, as stated in the ICEC By-Laws and Policy, who shall meet the membership qualifications established by  CEC .


Section D.  The policy pertaining to the membership year shall be consistent with the policy of CEC, and the period of membership for each division members shall coincide with membership in CEC.




Section A.  The officers of the organization shall be president, a president-elect who shall succeed the president, a secretary, a treasurer, and the Division Liaison  to the ICEC Executive Board.


Section B.  The terms of officers are as follows:  president and president-elect—one year, secretary and treasurer—two consecutive years, division liaison  to the ICEC Executive Board—two years. The liaison’s  term shall be on a fixed cycle basis as established by the ICEC Delegate Assembly.


Section C. The administrative term shall be July 1 through June 30.


Section D.           1.   A vacancy in the office of president shall be filled by automatic succession of the president- elect to the office.


   2.       A vacancy in any of the offices, except president, shall be declared

and filed by action of the Executive Board upon recommendations by the president, and such person(s) shall serve only until the end of the current administrative year or until replaced by a duly elected successor.


Section E.  An officer may be re-elected  after the expiration of one elected term.



Section F.        1.  A petition for removal of an officer shall be signed by at least five members of ICCBD and submitted in writing to the president.  If the president is the subject of the petition, it shall be presented to the president-elect.


2.  The president or president-elect shall solicit relevant evidence from all parties concerned and call a meeting of the    Executive Board to consider the matter within 30 days following receipt of the petition.  The Executive Board will vote on whether to pursue further action on the petition.


3.  If voted upon, the Executive Board will then forward the petition and relevant documentation, with or without recommendations, to the general membership.  A ballot is to be enclosed and members are to be asked to vote on the removal of the officers.


4.  The ballot must be returned to the president or president-elect within 30 days. A two thirds majority vote of the ballots cast is necessary for the removal of the officer.





Section A.  The president, president-elect, immediate past president, secretary, treasurer, the Division’s Liaison  to the Board of ICEC and chairpersons of standing committees, shall constitute the voting members of the Executive Board.


Section B.  One-half or more of the members of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum.


Section C. The Executive Board shall meet at least once a year. This meeting shall be called by the President.


Section D.  All members of the Executive Board must be members of CCBD..




Section A.  Standing committees shall include:      1.  Membership

                                                                                          2.  Publications

                                                                                          3.  Nominations and Elections

                                                                                          4.  Governmental Relations

                                                                                          5.  History


Section B.  Ad hoc committees may be established and their functions assigned at the discretion of the president. Such establishment must clearly indicate the purpose and length of service of the committee.




Section A.           1.  A minimum of one annual business meeting shall be held.

                           2.  Five percent of the total membership shall constitute a quorum.


Section B.  The Executive Board shall have the authority to conduct regional meetings, conventions, or conferences in addition to the annual meeting.




ICCBD will participate in legislating the ICEC  program through official voting Representation on the ICEC Executive Board and Delegate Assembly.




Section A.        1.  This constitution may be amended by a secure U. S. mail vote and must pass by a two-thirds majority of the ballots cast.

2.  Proposed amendments to the constitution must be petitioned by 10 active members and circulated by mail to the active membership within three months thereafter, subject to a vote at least eight weeks prior to the annual ICEC Convention or Conference. All amendments must be submitted to the president.


Section B.  The Bylaws may be amended by a secure U. S. mail vote and passed by a simple majority vote of the ballots cast.






Section A.  Regular membership shall consist of individuals interested in the education and welfare of children with behavioral disorders and their families.


Section B.  Student membership shall consist of (1) preservice students and (2) students continuing their Education in the field who are in full-time attendance during the academic year at an accredited college or university.


ARTICLE II—Membership Fees


Membership fees  for regular and student members may  be proposed by the Executive Board.  Approval shall require a simple majority vote at the annual business meeting.




Section A.  The duties of officers shall be such as are implied by their respective titles and such as are specified in these Bylaws.


Section B.  The president shall:          1. Be the chief executive officer of the Division.

2. Call and preside at all sessions of the annual business meeting.

3.  Call and preside at meetings of the Executive Board.

4.  Recommend chairpersons of committees with the exception of the Nominations and Elections Committee.

5.  Be an ex-officio member of all committees with the exception of the Nominations and Elections Committee.

6.  Represent the Council in coordinating efforts with other agencies.

7. Give leadership to general policy making and carry out directions of the membership.

8. Make an annual report to the State ICEC and to the Division.

9.  Inform ICEC of any amendments to the constitution.

                                                            10. Approve all expenditures.


Section C.  The president-elect shall:             1.  Serve in the place of the president with authority in case of absence or disability of the president.

2.  Serve as divisional representative on the ICEC Program Planning Committee for the ICEC Annual Fall Convention and Spring

Conference to be held during that term of office. The president-elect shall develop the program for those meetings according to the    policies and directive of the ILCCBD Executive Board. The president-elect shall prepare a draft of the complete convention and Spring Conference for approval of the Executive Board.


Section D.  The secretary shall keep a record of all proceedings of the annual business meeting, the meetings of the Executive Board, and such correspondence as necessary for the operation of the organization.


Section E.  The treasurer shall:           1. Make an annual report of the financial status of the Council to the Executive Board and at the annual business meeting.

2.  Prepare and submit an annual budget for approval by the Executive Board and at the annual business meeting.

3.  Be responsible for Council banking and all phases of bookkeeping. Books shall be audited annually at the conclusion of the fiscal year July 1 through June 30 by a certified public accountant.

4.  Receive all funds belonging to the Council and pay out same on orders approved and signed by the President. A voucher system shal be used.


Section F.  The liaison  to the ICEC Executive Board shall:

1.     Represent the Council at meetings of the Board.

2.       Have voting responsibilities on the ICEC Board, and shall participate in mail balloting and other activities necessary during the year in the administration of the Council’s program.

3.       The liaison  shall make reports on ICEC activities at the Council Executive Board meetings and at the annual Council business meeting.




Section A.  The president, with the approval of the Executive Board, shall appoint the chairperson of the following standing committees:  membership, publications, governmental relations, and history. The immediate past president shall serve as chairperson ofthe nominations and elections committee.


Section B.  With the exception of the Nominations and Elections committee, committee members shall be appointed by the chairperson subject to approval by the president.  The Nominations and Elections Committee members shall be appointed by the chairperson subject to approval by the Executive Board.


Section C.  The membership, publications, governmental relations, and history committee shall have no less than two members in addition to the chairperson.  The chairperson and members shall serve 3 year terms. The first year of operation committee chairs and members shall be selected for one year, two year, and three year terms.  No more than one third of the committee chairpersons shall be retired in any one year.


Section D.  The Nominations and Elections Committee shall have four members in addition to the chairperson, representing a broad geographical and professional selection. The chairperson and members shall serve 1 year terms.


Section E.  All standing committees reporting at the annual meeting shall first report to the Executive Board.


Section F.        1. The Nominations and Elections Committee’s procedure shall be:        

a.  To solicit recommendations for nominations from the entire membership prior to March 1.

b.  To nominate at least two candidates for president- elect annually; for secretary on odd-numbered years; for treasurer on even numbered years; and for liason  to the ICEC Executive Board on even numbered years.

c. In case of a vacancy in the office of president-elect, to nominate candidates.

d.  To submit the nominations report, signed by all members of the committee, to the president eight weeks prior to the annual business meeting.

2.  The president shall announce the report to the membership 4 weeks prior to the annual business meeting.

3.  Other nominations may be made by any group of 10 active members signing a nomination petition.  Such nominations shall be presented to the president 8 weeks prior to the annual business meeting and shall be announced to the membership at the same time the report of the Nominations and Elections Committee is announced.

4.  Nominations sent to all active members 6 weeks prior to the ILCCBD annual business meeting shall be voted upon by mail and returned to the committee chairperson two weeks prior to the annual business meeting. Those receiving a simple plurality shall be elected.

5.  Results of the election shall be announced at the ILCCBD annual business meeting.


Section G.  The Membership Committee shall formulate plans to be approved by the Executive Board for membership recruitment and growth of the Division.


Section H.   The Publications Committee shall:         1. Continuously review the publications structure of the Division and recommend policies and procedure related to its growth and development.

2.  Assess the composition of the membership for consideration in determining the scope of the publications program.

3.  Recommend to the Executive Board publications to be issued.

4.  Appoint a newsletter editor.

5.  Publish at least two newsletters each year.


Section I.  The Chairperson of the Governmental Relations Committee shall serve as the Division’s representative to the ICEC Governmental Relations Committee.  The Committee shall develop a legislative program under the direction of the Board and shall disseminate information pertinent to national and state legislative programs.


Section J. The History Committee shall maintain the history of ILCCBD and record, in condensed form, additions to the history, such record to be in loose-leaf form.




Section A.  The Executive Board shall:       1. Conduct all appropriate executive business of the Division.

                                                                    2.  Recommend policies and programs for the Division to the annual business meeting.

                                                                    3.  Advise on the annual Division budget.

                                                                    4.  Decide on the publications that should be issued.

                                                                    5.  Formulate such administrative policies and assume such other responsibilities as are appropriate.

                                                                    6.  Be composed of representatives who are members CCBD.




Section A.  The annual meeting shall consist of a business meeting and such other activities as conform to the appropriate arrangements with ICEC.


Section B.  The annual business meeting shall consist of:            

1.  Report of Division activities and other matters of concern of the President.

2.  Minutes of previous meetings.

3.  Report by the treasurer.

4.  Approval of budget and program for the coming year.

5.  Report of all committees.

6.  Report of CEC and ICEC activities that concern the Division.

7.  Such other matters as are of interest and concern to the Division.




Section A.  In the event of dissolution of this division, the Executive Committee shall after

payment of all liabilities of the division, dispose of all of the asset of the division by following specific procedures as determined by ICEC and the international division.


Section B. Under no circumstances shall any of the property or assets of the division during its existence or upon the dissolution thereof go and be distributed to any officer, member, employer, or subsidiary of this division.




The rules of parliamentary practice comprised in Robert’s Rules of Order (Revised) shall govern the proceedings of this Division subject to the special rules which have been or may be adopted.





Adopted March 12, 1983,

Revisions Adopted Fall, 2009


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