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Friday, February 5th-Saturday February 6th



8:30 am - Michael Scaletta, President of Illinois CCBD, Welcome Address and Illinois CCBD Board Updates


 8:45 am - Keynote Address by Dr. Dean Cantu, The Impact of the Coronavirus on our Children and our Schools


 9:40 am - Bev Johns, An Update on Time Out and Physical Restraint in Illinois   Unit 5 Response to Changed ISBE Rules

 This session will review the latest happenings on time out and physical restraint regulations and include select results from ProPublica study, what the Illinois State Board of Education has done, what the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules has done, and what the legislature has done. Nancy Braun, Behavior Interventionist at McLean County Unit 5 in Bloomington-Normal, will share what her district is doing to implement the new regulations.


10:20 am - Rick Van Acker, Ed.D., The Art of Preventive Practice in Working with Students with Emotional/ Behavioral Disorder

 Research has shown the most effective teachers are not those who can effectively address crisis behavior when it arises; rather the teachers that can effectively prevent crisis behavior. Even more desirable are teachers who can effectively teach their students to recognize and manage their own emotions and to successfully navigate difficult social situations. This workshop will explore proactive practices that have been empirically shown to promote successful classroom operation – supporting both academic and social emotional growth and development in students. Special attention will be given to how these practices can guide both typical classroom instruction and virtual instruction.


11:20 am - Gerardo Moreno, Ph.D., Culturally Attuned Practices in Working with Students with Emotional/ Behavioral Disorders

 As our schools continue to become more diverse, educators often encounter difficulties in delivering fair, equitable school discipline when situations warrant action. Unfortunately, school disciplinary practices are inherently subjective and often deliver harsher punishments for students from diverse backgrounds than their white peers. This session will review factors contributing to the disproportionate use of school disciplinary practices among students from diverse backgrounds and offer considerations in tailoring assistance measures.


12:00 pm - Panel Discussion Hosted by Michael Scaletta, President of Illinois CCBD, How Schools are Coping with the Reality of COVID-19 - Practical Strategies

 Panelists include: Dustin Berman, Student Services Coordinator, Community Consolidated District #15 Meg Schnoor, Ed.D., Asst. Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, Community Consolidated District #15 Laura Swanlund, Ph.D., Director of Comprehensive Mental Health Services, Community Consolidated District #15 Val Gruenwald, School Psychologist, Community Consolidated District #15 Amanda Raz, Special Education Teacher Abby Hanvey, School Social Worker Cody Pullium, Special Education Teacher, District 709, Morton 


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