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ILCCBD 2012 Winter Drive-In Handouts

Page history last edited by Elizabeth Hardman 8 years, 5 months ago

Lindsey Dalesandro and Tara Hackett

 Practical Ideas for Working with E/BD Students & Make It & Take It

Behavioral Intervenion Complied


Elizabeth Hardman

FOCUSing Together


Emily Kath and Sarah Reusnow

The Pet Project



Melissa Jones and Amanda Redmond

Preservice Education



Sheldon Braaten

Best Practices in Working with Students Who Are Aggressive


Brooke Whitted and Laura Cleary

Legal Issues Impacting Students with EBD, Including Anti-Bullying Legislation




Aileen Caravelli - National Alliance for Mental Illness

Signs and Symptoms of Mental Illness and What You Can Do in Your Classroom



Elizabeth Hardman and Brian Wojcik

Using Web 2.0 Social Networking Tools to Build PLCs


Diana Rogers-Adkinson

Teaching in Troubled Times


Woody Johnson, Erika Blood, and Ed Cancio

Ipads and Iphone Apps for Students with EBD

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